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First of all, the Japanese would have never surrendered. The USA would have been overwhelmed with little yellow fanatic men and would have been forced to surrender. Without their aid, D-day would never have occurred, so the Nazis would never have had to spend so much resources into their western front so the Russians wouldn't have had such an easy time pushing them back. Ultimately, the Russians would have gone into a stalemate with the Germans and they would have signed another non-attack treaty (like the one Hitler broke with them).

The conclusion is that all of western Europe and the upper coast of Africa would speak German, eastern Europe and a bit of Asia would speak Russian and the rest of Asia and North America would speak Japanese. The best part of all of this is that remakes of old Japanese movies, or movie adaptations of popular mangas done in the USA would actually be decent. Another great advantage would be that translators would only have to learn 3 languages (Italian would have been removed because of Mussolini's constant failures and pleads for Hitler to help him out). --El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir