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THIS... IS... SPAAA... right, right, fictional...

Anyways, once upon a time (but let's say 3000 years ago) there was this crazy guy called Leonidas who was also the King of the Spartans. His wife (Carmen Electra) had an intense love romance for the FedEx guy. One day, the FedEx guy came to deliver him a yellow sweater from his mother. Leonidas gets mad at the FedEx guy and they fight to the death... When neither of them dies they make a talent show to the death.

Leonidas plays "Wonderland" by Oasis to impress the judges (especially Simon Cowell) and he succeeds. Then, the FedEx guy transforms himself into a fat ugly woman who sings wonderfully and everyone is surprised. The FedEx guy wins and Leonidas gets all mad so he kicks into the "pit of death". Then he kicks Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton into the pit as well for being biatches.

In the end, Leonidas, the Queen, Shrek, Spider-man, Dragon-ball, George W. Bush, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, Susan Boyle, and Bob all go to the restaurant to eat noodles but Leonidas goes:

THIS... IS... PASTA!!!

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