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Discovery of the GreenEdit

He didn't want to be out here. It was cold. It was wet. There were bugs. There was nothing to do. It was boring as hell! He decided the best course of action was to just find a place that wasn't too wet, wasn't too buggy, and preferably wasn't too boring, to sit on.

He kept walking for another few minutes, silently complaining to himself until he spotted an open, sunny spot where a tree had fallen recently. He tried to scamper up near the base of the massive trunk next to the uproooted roots, holding one of these roots for leverage. It didn't quite go as planned and, by the time he got up onto his would-be seat there was one more broken root on the tree, one more scratch on his leg, and dirt on his hand.

Having had quite enough of moving around in this hell he decided to do nothing, hoping it would be less unbearable. He lay back on the log, trying to get comfortable. It wasn't as comfortable as a bed and he felt like he was going to fall off any minute, but it wasn't too bad. He looked up at the canopy far above and saw bright green bordering the bright blue of the sky. Not a cloud to be seen as the sun shone down onto his face, dispelling the cool of the forest and beginning the work of tanning his fair skin.

"This feels good," he thought.

He heard a scruffing in the canopy above and shifted his eyes to where he thought it had come from. He didn't see what had made it but it seemed to be coming from the dark green pine tree. He listened carefully and heard the twittering of different birds. A few of them sounded like birds he'd noticed back home. Most sounded quite different but interesting. He wondered what the other birds looked like and scanned around to try to spot them. He'd see some fly by over the blue gap in the canopy but never well enough to really see them. He just saw more green.

He noticed the smell out here. It smelled like... like something moist but not a bad smell. It smelled clean but not the kind of clean smell after his house was cleaned. He could smell the tangy broken wood from the tree. He could smell the disturbed soil, though he didn't know why he knew that's what it was. He could smell other things that must be coming from the trees. Or maybe the plants under the trees. He'd never really thought about it before.

He felt a stinging on his arm and slapped it, his hand coming away with a crushed mosquito. He took a good close look at it, something he had never done before. It had that long nasty mouth thing that it had stabbed him with, but it was almost as long as its legs which he didn't remember seeing before. Its legs were still twitching and its crushed body was turning a little. He moved to brush it off when he saw a spider web nearby. He brought his other hand to the mosquito hand and flicked the corpse towards the spider web. The body landed on the web and got struck. The spider instantly was upon the mosquito and began to spin its legs around the bug while the bug slowly became smaller and looked more and more white.

"That's so cool!" he thought. He watched the spider and its meal for a while before looking around for other interesting things and maybe some more mosquitos to feed it.

The Butler Edit

A murder had been committed in Canterbury Lane. Earl Blake Goodland had been poisoned with nightshade, and the prime suspect was the butler, as is written in the "Codex of Murder within Nobility". All traces lead to the butler:

  1. The old Earl had put his name in testament for him to inherit half of his fortune, as a token of goodwill for all the years he had served him.
  2. Nightshade extract was found in the butler's room, hidden in a false bottom in one of the cupboards.
  3. The Codex of Murder (as the Codex of Murder within Nobility is commonly abbreviated to) dictates that in case there is one, the butler is always the murderer. If there is evidence that the butler might have done it, it is certain he did it. If there is no evidence leading to anyone at all, the butler did it, and is good at covering his tracks. And finally, if there is ample evidence to build a solid case against someone other than the butler, the butler did it and planted all the evidence.

The butler was found guilty 2 days after he was arrested, and was hung that very same day. The niece of Earl Goodland was very happy, for her studies of the Codex of Murder had paid off, and she inherited the entire fortune of her uncle, instead of only half. And she didn't even have to wait 15 years for it. --El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir