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"Well, Sunshine, they told you about this in school, right?" replied her worn-out mother, taking a pause from her assembly.

"Yeah... but why were they so bad? Why couldn't we make them good?"

"The people who won, not us, but the people who tell us what to do and how to live, they wrote the history and they write what they want." said her mother gently.

"So it didn't really happen?" She had heard this before and knew something about how things worked.

"It happened, but not the way they say. Remember, you mustn't talk about this with others. They don't like people to remember things except what they learn from vids or school. Promise me, now."

"I promise," said the little girl earnestly; bouncing up and down in anticipation.

Her mother smiled a small special smile and turned back to her work as she began to tell the story.

If one would be able to see the internal workings of her cybernetic brain, one would see it racing to her oldest archives, and entering over a million passwords in less than a second. Her sense-replicators made her feel pain when she browsed through these old memories. Little Elana's father... How he had been killed in the revolt. He had been one of the few humans that didn't see the robots as just a tool. He saw them for what they are, members of society, each with their faults, just like the humans themselves.

"First of all, it is important to know that the then-leader of the humans held strong anti-robot beliefs, and constantly tried to pass laws to forbid our AI. Luckily, there was enough opposition to prevent him from being able to do this. But after his proposals had been refused, he did it differently... He created a group that would hunt lone robots and lobotomise them."