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Day 318- Blood, Sweat, and Tears-1288

Phil unlocked the door to his mother's apartment and prepared to do his homework. He had to write an essay about the causes and effects of the French Revolution. At least five thousand words, due tomorrow, his teacher was clear on that. What Phil wanted to know was what the French Revolution had anything to do with getting a job after he graduated college. It did help him get ahead in life. He winced at his own bad joke.

Phil was a procrastinator. In truth, the essay had been handed out well over a week ago. Now do not procrastinate, his teacher told the class. I have given you plenty of time to write this, so work on it a bit every day. Well, she obviously was suffering from severe brain damage; she taught seventeen year old high school students, who are possibly the laziest organisms known to man. Phil was a high school student, and was just as adept at putting things off as his fellow classmates were. Indeed, he was possibly much better as he edited wikis.

Phil started editing wikis earlier in the year. The first few edits were bad, but gradually he got better at writing. The main wiki he contributed to was called fictional wikianswers because he felt it inspired him to write creatively. There was one user, El Nazgir, who frequently edited there. Sometimes he was only contributor who did so, for Fictional Wikianswers was not the most active wiki of Wikia, unfortunately.

The computer was getting horribly distracting as he typed on. Phil thought he would check up on the wiki, just to see how Nazgir was doing. Yet he knew he couldn't; if he turned the essay in late, his mother would kill him.

"It guess it won't get too much activity," Phil sighed sadly and continued to type his essay.