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Carrier shokaku

The Vladimir VI (aka The Cellphone Carrier) is very easy to identify. If one sees it, one will shortly afterwards not see anything anymore on account of being dead. If you are in the Human Military though, you could have a chance of seeing it without dying, because it's on your side. I'll just assume you are in the Human Military.

The Cellphone Carrier is a giant spaceship shaped entirely like an iPhone, with a completely flat surface at the bottom, some buttons underneath it, a slightly curved backside with a huge Apple logo on it (long story short: Apple went into military business about 780 years ago, again delivering top quality products). The flat surface is actually an impenetrable forcefield, protecting its launch bays and drop ship docks. It has the capacity of about 2 million space superiority fighters, 500,000 bomber units and 1 million multi-purpose battle suit mechs, and 350,000 drop ships, each of which can contain 10,000 ground soldiers or 600 tanks.

It also has a very impressive orbital bombardment system behind the forcefield, with 100,000 semi-nuclear beam cannons, 20,000 orbital lances, and even an iScorch, capable of completely sterilizing a planet. It also has lower grade weapons to defend itself from possible space attacks, including 1 million rail-chaingun posts, 200,000 ion cannons, 1000 Hypervelocity Cannons, and the only existing iWin, a device capable of decimating a capital ship of its own size in a single shot.--El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir