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Well, I'm not George Lucas, so you'll have to tell me a little more. Do you want me to write "The Barber of Sagittarius, or The Useless Precaution"? "The Abduction from Io"? "The Saturn Ring cycle"? "The Telekinetic Phenomenon of the Opera"? "The Magic Viewscreen"? "Madame Spacefly"? "The Rose Spaceman"? "Electronica"? "Adonis on Venus"? "The Spacemen of the Guard"? "The Space Rabble Opera"? "Pluto and Jupiter"? "The Queen of the Plejades"? "Doctor Subatomic"? "West Galaxy Story"? "Carl Sagan Superstar"? Say the word, make up a contract for a cheap pay rate, and I'm off!

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