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Cinderella 3024-9688

Yes. Cinderella fell off a cliff. The end. Cubonestar will destroy you all! Said Bob. Yell at me

That wasn't the end! A fairy came just in time and made her a glass parachute from a pumpkin!
Oh yeah, like a pumpkin was gonna save her. She died. The end. Cubonestar will destroy you all! Said Bob. Yell at me
It wasn't the pumpkin that saved her, it was the fairy! And she married a prince, too! But later she got divorced, and it totally wasn't her kids' fault, though for the longest time they thought it was, and it cost a pretty penny in psychiatrist bills to get that sorted.
Yeah, they divorced because Cinderella found out that the prince was having an affair with the fairy... and the psychiatrist... and the kids. She died. Darth Pingus (Talk!) (Contribs) (Edits)
And nobody came to the funeral. That's why you always have to listen to the touring guide! Now off to bed with you lot.--El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir
As we heard, the psychiatrist died, but Cinderella made it to the ripe old age of 95 and her fairy godmother appeared to her again. She asked Cinderella for three things that her heart desired. Cinderella asked for a solid gold sports car and eternal youth. Finally, she asked for her cat, Sneeze, to be transformed into a gorgeous swimsuit model. Unfortunately, she couldn't have sex with him since Cinderella castrated him after he came from the pet store. So sad. Yallow (slight edit by ◄mendel►)

The Dark MessengerEdit

Final Fantasy IX - The Dark Messenger (Trance Kuja Theme)

Once upon a time there was a land called Madain Sari. It wasn't the richest of lands. It wasn't the poorest. The people had enough to eat and made some things with their hands that made their children laugh and earned them a little bit of money.

But like in all lands, there were people who were not happy and wanted more. Some of these people become heroes looking for adventure. Others work really hard and build amazing things. This is a story about someone who worked hard, but not in a good way.

Flance was a man of ambition and he would give it up for no one. When things went wrong he was always there to take advantage. If Henry's turnip crop failed, he'd be there to give Henry food, but not for free. Never for free. Sometimes he would be there just before things went wrong. When people would argue saying it's not fair, he would say that the world isn't a fair place. He'd say that he's only a messenger. People started calling him the Dark Messenger since he usually left in darkness.

His home village wasn't enough for Flance, so he gathered up his many possessions and his riches and went from town to town. He pushed hard and everywhere he went, he always seemed to arrive in darkness. The people suffered and his riches grew. A flood hit Little Sander and he brought in the money and the workers to rebuild homes, but not on the rich land with its broken houses that now all belonged to him. A great storm broke the windmill in Red Clouds, rendering the people unable to mill their wheat. Flance was there to buy their wheat and give them bread and start building a new windmill. But the bread was stale and he would own the windmill and charge everyone to use it. The people suffered and Flance became more powerful. As darkness overwhelmed sweet Madain Sari, Flance was there, smiling and spreading his message.