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That's a long story kid...

You see those people out there in the shop? They're filthy rich, or they wouldn't be able to afford the cheapest product we got. You know how much money I actually get from selling one of those things legally? Not much.

I realised the injustice in the world when I was about your age, being a clerk in a store just like you now, only it was a food shop. It was winter, and there was this girl about the same age as I was then, a bit older, who could barely afford her food, and was clothed in what could only be described as rags. I served her, and then went on to the next customer. This was a wealthy posh woman who threw around money like it was dirt. She eyed the poor girl as she exited the store, and then loudly declared that she might have to consider finding another store, one that wouldn't serve to such "filth".

The next morning, I walked to my job, through some back alleys I used as shortcuts. There, I found the same girl I had served the day before, and she wasn't breathing and felt ice cold. I called an ambulance, but when they arrived, they informed me I was about 4 hours too late to save her.

So, now you know why. I donate every half penny I make, even illegally, to charity for the homeless people out there. I hope you dwell on that for a moment son, and then tell me whether you still think it's wrong. --El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir