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Taking the advice of a friend, Bella was looking forward to a night of satisfaction after a succession of nights spent with less than satisfactory lovers. As she slowly unwrapped her latest purchase, bought in a store where children were not allowed, she knew this night would be no different when she saw the words ...

The ship was disintegrating to such a degree it didn't feel like a ship anymore so much as a piece of wreckage that somehow had a working drive on it. Most of the exterior hull had already been incinerated off in this less-than-ideal atmospheric entry, and the inner hull was not designed for reentry in mind and had caved right after the exterior hull had. Everything that wasn't nailed down, and much that was, had flown about and been smashed; most of it being sucked out of the ship during decompression. There was enough debris still around to make the ship sure death for anyone still in it for anything except the softest of landings. Images of glass, metal, and ceramic shards spearing through his body was more than enough motivation for Gulcart to hit the emergency eject button and let come-what-may happen to his ship and it's cargo. Agonizing seconds after he hit the button, the chair (which looks more like a bed with various ackward looking bumps, knobs, and buttons everywhere) started to his just before the hull over his head blew out and the chair was shot up and away from the ship. It was all automated by sophisticated programs with redundancies on redundancies, but Gulcart couldn't help trying to verify the actions taken by the system.

The chair had ballooned and was decending very quickly yet in a controlled manner into the atmosphere. It's a terrifying experience, even while being held in the cradle of extremely sophisticated safety software. He was still at least thirty kilometers from the surface but he still felt like he was going to hit any moment. The sound of the air passing by, which was still very thin, gradually changed from a high-pitched wail to a steady roar as the ground slowly began to appear larger.

"Just where is the chair going to land me?" he said to himself. Or tried to, as the roaring wind blocked out the sound almost entirely.

The wait was agony so he turned on his info system and requested survival information for the current situation. The programming refused to comply with his request due to predicted psychological problems the situation would entail at the moment. Instead the entertainment system booted up and one of his favourite vids came up. With the full spectrum of sensory input from his suit, he couldn't help but be distracted from his situation. He felt the speed of his chair decrease as it approached land and slowly inflated to create more air resistance.